“My husband and I have just purchased a home with a pool lacking prior pool experience. We contacted ASP for help maintaining our pool. After calling several other local companies, their customer service has been the best around! We called to have ASP come out just to show us how our system works. They came to check out our pool promptly. From the initial visit, nothing was noted as wrong with our pool. We decided to add on a month of pool maintenance and have ASP monitor/maintain our pool. It was very admirable that we were not pushed into purchasing anything, it was even explained to us if we wanted to maintain it ourselves that they would offer free pool water testing within their store. After a few days we started to notice a lot of water lost. ASP recommended doing the “bucket test” to see if the water lost inside the bucket was the same as water lost outside of the bucket. We completed this and the leak was confirmed. The next day we called ASP to see if there was anything they could do. All ASP staff were booked with previous appointments for the day, but one ASP staff made an exception and ON HIS WAY HOME from work, AFTER HOURS, stopped by our house to check it out. We could not believe it! Although it was determined that we would need to further inspect the leak with more complex leak detection equipment, it was very impressive that they cared enough to come out. Having a pool leak has been a downer, but having ASP’s staff and knowledge in our corner has allowed us to see hope for our leaky pool. Thanks to ASP, we are in the process of getting it fixed. We are very please with ASP and would not recommend anyone, but ASP! We strongly recommend ASP for ALL of your pool needs! Thank you so very much, ASP of Athens!” — C. S.

“Great to work with and very professional. They follow-up and communicate effectively and manage our neighborhood pool every season. We greatly appreciate the photos they send when their technicians come out and service our pool. We switched over to ASP from another local pool company and are very pleased! Thanks” — S. W.

“All the Pool Techs that have been to our yard are knowledgable, professional and great with our dog! Which is a Bonus for my family!”  — M. D.


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